Our Green Goals

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At Beets n Roots we’ve got some pretty strong, unbending morals and beliefs that underpin everything we do – and we’re proud of that. We believe that in today’s political and environmental climate, businesses like us must make ethical choices, and they can’t be shied away from – they should be shouted about, loud and proud, and used to spark conversation. After all, it’s only through open discussion that education and understanding can spread, and that progress can be made.

Locally and seasonally sourced produce

So, what motivates us at Beets N Roots? Well, our food isn’t only designed to nourish and taste good – it’s designed to safeguard and respect our planet. It’s a well known fact that industrial animal agriculture is one of the biggest factors in climate change around the globe, and it’s easy to make a difference. How? By not contributing to supply and demand of animal products.

We meticulously developed and honed our vibrant plant-based dishes so that their sourcing and ingredients don’t wreak havoc on our world. You’ll never see meat or dairy on our menu – and we never cook or prepare dishes with any animal products. If you’d like, we can add a local, organic egg to your meal – although on tasting our flavour-packed menu, we hope you’ll see just how exciting and delicious an entirely plant-based meal can be!

The bar doesn’t stop with animal products, though. All of our locally sourced produce is organic, which isn’t just a trendy buzzword to allow us to push prices up; organic produce simply tastes better. Carefully selecting the finest quality ingredients from suppliers in Bristol has a ripple effect: it allows us to support talented, local producers; it increases the demand for and access to organic farming, and it helps us demonstrate to our customers the wide-reaching benefits of ditching factory farming.

We minimise our waste

We change our menu seasonally so we can track the amount of food we make on a daily basis and use any remaining ingredients the next day reducing our carbon footprint. We are always careful in what we produce so nothing goes to waste!

We've said NO to plastic bottles!

At Beets N Roots, we’ve pledged to ditch plastic wherever possible – and are always looking for ways to keep eradicating single-use materials from our processes.

Whether you’re drinking in or taking away, all our smoothies and juices are served in reusable glass bottles, and our 50p deposit scheme encourages you to return your bottle for a 10% discount on your next drink – winning!

We help build the world!

While public demand is growing for a complete ban on single use plastics, the industry is slow to catch up, so sadly some plastic waste remains unavoidable.

We all know that plastics are immensely durable, taking forever and a day to break down – and we know how damaging to the environment this is.

At Beets N Roots, we’ve teamed up with EcoBricks: an inspiring scheme that helps businesses like us transform non-recyclable waste into strong, long-lasting building blocks that benefit local communities and ecosystems when used to create furniture, gardens, structures and more.

Our food waste is turned into black gold

Even our food waste gets put to good use: we work closely with orchards around Bristol, to compost all the scraps from the cafe and turn them into black gold soil – a nutrient-dense soil enricher.

We’re thrilled that this year, fresh produce used at Beets N Roots will be grown in soil enriched by our own food waste – the circle of life at its very best!