Our Roots

Before Beets n Roots, there was Rebecca: a born and bred Bristolian who grew up to split her time between raving at the infamous parties of Bristol – the city that produced creative giants including Banksy, Massive Attack and more – and travelling across the Americas, Africa and Asia. A free-spirited soul with an endless desire to wander, discover and explore, Rebecca eventually settled for some years on the gleaming white beaches of Morocco, building villas in the sun, but the familiar, soulful call of Bristol was eventually too strong. Beckoned home, she determined to bring with her a little of the spirit of relaxation and calmness that only travelling provides.

With a strong family connection to Cotham Hill – Rebecca’s mother set up the UK’s first holistic health centre there in 1981 – there was only ever one place that Beets n Roots could develop, and so, back in 2017, Rebecca’s vision came alive. A chilled out destination for healthy, wholesome, and downright delicious plant-based food and drink, Beets n Roots is a truly unique little place, even within Bristol; a city boasting some of the most diverse and dynamic gastronomic treats in the world.

This isn’t ‘wellness for wellness’ sake, though – Beets n Roots is categorically not about that preachy, exclusive branch of healthy eating that has taken root in recent times, colonising the bounty of fruit and vegetables and making plant-based food and drink seem out of reach to all but the most wholesome, hardened healthy eaters. Hell no! Beets n Roots is for everyone. You only have to pay us a visit on a Saturday morning to see that for yourself, when bleary eyed students tuck into our radiant smoothie jars elbow to elbow with glowing yoga mums, sipping on their freshly squeezed Beets Boost smoothies. Out on our wood-clad decking terrace, musicians, artists and families sit side by side, soaking up the sun and the vibes.

And, today, the Natural Health Clinic founded by Rebecca’s mum still stands, providing holistic health care to Bristolians, as well as a few travellers from further afield.

  • We are proud to be a Bristol grass roots homegrown
  • We are proud to be a Bristol grass roots homegrown
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